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Here we introduce some of our team members personally to give you an impression of our company, different fields of activity and especially the interesting people of our team.

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My name is Maurice, I am a Senior Business Analyst and joined INOS in 2019

Maurice Senior Business Analyst and joined INOS in 2019
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 My field of activity at INOS includes the following tasks and projects:

  • Implementation of a new computer workstation concept for a large bank
  • Establishment of compliance through process reengineering of the regulatory framework for a large German insurance company
  • IT administration and onboarding for the INOS team

When working with our client, a collaborative atmosphere with both the client and our partners at Intero Consulting is especially important to me. I enjoy being part of the success of the project. I appreciate a collegial and appreciative cooperation where the focus is on promoting and challenging.

I came to INOS because I wanted to work in a small company with opportunities for development and design. What I particularly like about INOS is that individuality is valued and the way the company values are lived.

I mainly work remotely from Hamburg and therefore look forward to the regular team events and meetings with colleagues every time. When I’m not working, I like to meet up with my friends or play video games, I especially enjoyed the Uncharted series.

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My name is Alexander, I am a Business Analyst and I’ve been working as a Scrum Master at INOS since 2021

Alexander Ochs, Business Analyst and I’ve been working as a Scrum Master at INOS since 2021
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My daily tasks include:

  • Intensive support of a cloud project of a large bank according to the Scrum methodology.
  • Coordination and maintenance of the INOS website
  • Supporting the partner company in the production of their video appearances

I joined INOS in 2021 because I was attracted by the working atmosphere in a young team. I particularly like the opportunity to actively and creatively help shape the company. My colleagues and I have a wide variety of backgrounds, so everyone contributes their own personal strengths individually. 

In my job as a Scrum Master, I have a lot to do with people and enjoy the exchange with different characters in exciting projects. As a Scrum Master, I help the customer teams to ensure a smooth project flow. In this way, I directly contribute to a pleasant working atmosphere in my customer teams. My strong communication skills are a definite plus here.

I like the free arrangement of office and home office work, which leaves a lot of room for personal flexibility. In my free time I like to go salsa dancing and in the evenings I can be found on the stand-up comedy stages of Munich or in the cinema – film is my great passion.

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My name is Nilab and I completed my training at INOS

Nilab, has completed her training at INOS
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Today I work at Snapticket in the Ticketing Operations department. I assist event organizers from the onboarding process to the end of the event. This includes for example:

  • Coordination of the requirements for the respective events
  • Briefing the event organizers on the different store technologies
  • Technical support for operational questions and requirements in the day-to-day business

I decided to train as an office management assistant at INOS in 2018 because I was looking for a varied job where I have customer contact and can work on my own responsibility. 

I am motivated by the fact that I can also work out solutions for complex issues for event organizers.

Through the use of various ticketing technologies, I have been able to build up in-depth knowledge and experience over the past few years, from which our customers benefit.

Ticketing is an exciting part of the event industry, where I am in contact with a wide variety of event organizers. If you also want to be part of my team, we are looking forward to your application.

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My name is Leon, I am a trainee for office management and have been with INOS/Snapticket since 2020

Leon, trainee for office management and has been with INOS/Snapticket since 2020
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As a trainee in the ticketing department I take care of our customers around the brand Snapticket. The main focuses here are:

  • Marketing and sales
  • Secretariat and assistance
  • Working with ticketing systems
  • Operational and sales activities around Snapticket

I came to INOS and thus to Snapticket in 2020 while looking for an apprenticeship. I always wanted to be involved in the event business and was very excited by the idea of being able to help customers sell their tickets.

I particularly like the short lines of communication and flat hierarchies at INOS/ Snapticket. From day one, I was seen as a fully-fledged employee, was assigned projects and subtasks on my own responsibility and, for example, take care of Snapticket’s social media marketing. As the training progressed, I was allowed to take on more and more of my own sub-areas and implement my own ideas and suggestions.

The team events are really special, such as the annual offsite (I’ve never eaten so well in my life). I learn a lot from the experienced colleagues and can specialize more and more.

We are always looking for new personalities. If you would like to become a trainee, we look forward to receiving your application – click on the button and apply!

My name is Paul, and I am a working student at INOS

Paul, working student at INOS
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I am mainly working in the Ticketing business unit at Snapticket. My activities include:

  • Supporting the sales and operations team
  • Independent research in the event environment
  • Completion of organizational tasks

I am currently studying mechanical engineering in my sixth semester at the LMU. As a working student at INOS, I can gain valuable experience in an exciting environment. 

At INOS, I particularly like the varied activities, flexible working hours and the fact that I felt part of the team right from the start.

INOS offers working student jobs in the areas of Consulting Operations and Ticketing.

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My name is Christine and I have been a graphic designer at INOS since March 2022

Christine, since March 2022 graphic designer at INOS
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In my time at INOS so far, I have developed the redesign of our logo (incl. letterhead, business cards, graphic template) and taken over the design of the homepage.

My daily tasks include:

  • Creation of PowerPoint business graphics for Intero Consulting.
  • Creation of other graphic works like white papers in InDesign and Photoshop for Intero Consulting
  • PowerPoint trainings for INOS and Intero employees

What I particularly like at INOS is that – in addition to creating PowerPoint presentations – I also get to exercise my creativity as a graphic designer. That definitely came up short at previous management consultancies.

Since I worked alone for many years, being part of a team was a big change for me. But I was welcomed so warmly and cordially by everyone at INOS that I was able to very quickly develop the secure feeling that I could also make a valuable contribution to the community.

Although I still work remote, I visit the office at regular intervals to exchange ideas with colleagues or to take part in our numerous recreational events. Only in the winter months do I like to hole up at home with my two cats (new in 2023) because I don’t currently own a car and, as a motorcycle rider, I don’t like to be out in the snow or cold weather.

In my spare time I have many interests: I read a lot and am currently writing a novel, I play chess and poker online, and like Alexander, I love cinema and movies – movies are also my great passion.

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My name is Jochen, and I am founder and managing director of Intero Operations & Services (INOS)

Jochen Friedrich, founder and managing director of Intero Operations & Services (INOS)
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As my most important tasks, besides the operational management, I understand above all:

  • The further development of our skills and competencies
  • Bringing the team together and promoting cohesion and exchange
  • To represent the company as a partner in the parent company Intero Consulting and to develop it in the group context
  • Together with my colleagues, to discover and develop new opportunities and business areas at an early stage
  • To ensure the organic growth of our organization

I founded INOS in 2016 to complement the service offering of Intero Consulting and to create a space for new business ideas and innovations.

Currently, I am primarily focused on the dynamic growth of our company and the related development of internal processes and team dynamics.

In my work as a partner in management consulting, I oversee exciting projects in my thematic focus of regulation, risk management and compliance in the financial services industry.

It is important to me to implement ideas together with the team and our clients in order to ensure the success and value creation of the joint projects. In doing so, I see appreciative cooperation based on partnership as the foundation of success.

Personally, harmonious cooperation and, above all, fun at work are enormously important to me. Privately, I enjoy my time as a family man and especially appreciate good food, traveling and sharing time with my children and friends.

I look forward to every new colleague who enriches our company and makes us even better with ideas and commitment. Therefore, I am very much looking forward to your application!